Company ”Vaibapuhastus” offers services of professional dry cleaning of any carpet coverings, every possible house carpets and upholstered furniture. Our clients are hotels, restaurants, offices, and as private persons.

Our company has the staff, having a solid operational experience in this sphere that in a combination to the newest equipment Nilfisk, Nilfisk Alto and professional cleaners allow to solve almost any problem with clearing of a dirt, stains and destruction of harmful microcells.


We do not save on the equipment and we use only the certificated hypoallergenic washing-up liquids which are harmless to people and animals.


All cleaners carefully steal up under each material of a cleared surface. Depending on a covering kind we carry out damp (deep) cleaning, dry (powder) dry-cleaning, washing by foam or we apply the combined methods of clearing.


Damp cleaning is the most effective and any other method does not give such result, but it is not applicable to natural materials, such as silk, a wool + silk, a clap and raw flax. The dry dry-cleaning approaches to such coverings only. It is applied at average and small pollution. Dry dry-cleaning as can be used in places where time of drying of a carpet covering is limited. Under the price dry dry-cleaning is more expensive because of cost of used materials.


The damp cleaning of carpet coverings is carried out by means of one-disk and selective machines. Time to dry for a carpet takes from 7 till 12 hours. Dry dry-cleaning is made manually or with the help of rotary machines (if the material allows) with use of a special powder.


The upholstered furniture dry-cleaning is made manually, but with use selective machines with the minimum moistening. Time to dry takes from 2 till 5 hours.


We take all these works on a place at the client and as we receive products. At the request of the client we carry out transportation of carpets.


Our spectrum of services is not limited to the aforesaid. If you had a requirement for other cleaning services, for example, in a window washing or cleaning (parquet, linoleum, stone etc.) floors, we will be always glad to help you!

Works 7 days in a week are carried out.