14 years in the Estonian market

1. We wash the office and household wall-to-wall carpets by use of the most efficient equipment in Estonia!

Thanks to that equipment we can guarantee and make sure that the wall-to-wall carpet would fully dry up in one night without any stains left and unpleasant odours emanated!

NB! The majority of companies, unwilling to invest in costly equipment, wash the wall-to-wall carpets with extractors, designed for dry-cleaning of furniture.

With those machines however it is impossible to fully wash the residues of chemicals, particles of sand and dirt out of the industrial carpeting, because they are not sufficiently powerful for that purpose.

After dabbling of such “companies” in your wall-to-wall carpet, it will take 2-4 days to dry, leaving noticeable stains; the rooms will be pervaded by the poignant stench until the wall-to-wall carpet is thoroughly rinsed!

2. We wash the upholstered furniture, mattresses and mats by use of such advanced technique, that after cleaning there will be no trace chemicals on the surface!

3. Unlike the traditional dry-cleaning, we clean without any possible damage to carpets of any type or dimensions, including silk carpets!

We guarantee that after dry-cleaning of the carpet its colours will not fade, its warp will not get unglued, its dimensions will not change and there will be no unpleasant odours flowing from it!

4. We transport the home carpets of any dimensions!

NB! If someone should offer you cleaning the home carpet in your residence (except for glued industrial carpets), it is a clear sign of a person making money on the side, who does not have a specialised workshop with the drying chamber and who wishes to do some hack-work and disappear keeping your money!

They will not care that the carpet will dry from 2 – 4 days after their “cleaning operation”, lying damp on your parquetry or laminate!

In that time the floor will swell from moisture, and the carpet will start rotting, emanating unpleasant odours and deforming, in the worst case developing spots of mould growing on the surface! The mould however cannot be removed from carpets, whatsoever the technique used!

5. We will not use at work the chemicals containing solvents!

All washing agents used have been duly certified.
The level of surfactants (surface-active agents) in the chemicals used by us does not exceed 15% (keeping on the level contained in the household washing powder), which fully meets the EU ecological standards.

For the clients suffering allergies we use the hypoallergenic product line of agents without adding aromatic substances; we will also perform additional washing out of the surface.

NB! When placing the order, please give us a notice to the effect.

6. We will transport the household carpets from the client and back WITHOUT CHARGE!

NB! This offer is effective within limits of Tallinn for carpets of average dimensions – up to 6 m2 and quantity– up to 30 pcs.
Outside limits of Tallinn, the transport is charged under a tariff.

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